Is It Better To Live In Nashville Or Memphis

Is It Better To Live In Nashville Or Memphis

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee state in the US while Memphis is a city along the river Mississippi southwestern of the same state. The city of Nashville is known as the home of country music as it’s named music city making it a popular place in the country. Memphis is known for music ranging from gospel, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jazz, to rap and soul. The city is also known for its cultural attributes maintaining the original identity of the Southern part of America. There is a variety of things to do in Nashville like visiting parks to explore or enjoy simple southern cooking that mainly comprises meat.

Depending on your reason to live

Depending on your reason to live in any of the two cities, you may find it better in Memphis or Nashville. Both have their advantages and disadvantages according to your desired living place. They are unique in their way from other cities in the US and finding a purpose to live in either of the two is the key to the right choice. For instance, if you’re not a fan of Country music, and you prefer rock ‘n’ roll or jazz, living in Nashville will be disappointing as you would rather reside in Memphis. Considering the pros and cons of each city, you should find it easy to choose where you want to live without getting future disappointments.

Is It Better To Live In Nashville Or Memphis

For coffee lovers, residing in Nashville can be exciting as you won’t struggle to find a coffee shop in the city. Barista Parlor, Ugly Mugs, or Crema are some local coffee shops found in the music city with a premier reputation among residents. Most shops serve delicious coffee and hold events, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors. Nashville is known for its low unemployment rate which is fortunate for most residents in the city.

As it’s a fast-growing city, Nashville’s unemployment rate is less than 4% making it easy for you to secure a job as a new resident. When residing in Nashville, get ready to embrace a low living cost with affordable apartments and minimum cost of expenses. Memphis has a low living cost too with cheaper education, groceries, rentals, or other utilities. Housing in Memphis is less than 40% which is lower than the national average. When looking for the best way to generate income, Memphis has the best job opportunities with the best companies to work for like FedEx which 30,000 residents.

What makes Nashville stand out to be a better place to live in than Memphis are the drawbacks put into consideration after being the city resident. Memphis has a high crime rate listed 4th by Forbes as over 2000 crimes occur per 100,000 residents. This raises the chances of crime happening in vulnerable areas to over 30%. The Government has brought measures to combat this crime rate by creating more job opportunities in the city. Memphis encounters the worst traffic bottleneck with drivers estimated to lose 21 hours per year as a result of traffic jams. Overall, there are few reasons to live in Memphis than Nashville.