The Fear of Binge Drinking

The Fear of Binge Drinking

We should begin with a small look into what binge-drinking is. Binge-drinking in simplified terms is the consumption of a large amount of alcohol within a short period of time. It is different for men and women, for a man binge-drinking would involve 5 or more drinks, while for a woman, it would be 4 drinks.

On a night out, a person might be bound to come across some alcohol and would be tempted to take it all in. If you are reading this, it means that you already know that you are a binge drinker and would like to know if it is possible to stop yourself. You can start by changing your environment, you do not have to hang out in a bar or a club or anywhere that sells alcohol, to have fun. Let your friends know that you are also uncomfortable around alcohol and that you would prefer to hang out in places that do not offer temptation. Be very confident in your decision, that is how they will respect your decision.

Constantly ask yourself if it is

Tag along with a friend who understands your situation on a night out. Constant drinking can turn into alcoholism, which might be more difficult to manage. Therefore, have an accountability partner who might be willing to sit in a work meet up or family outing. Have a friend who is not afraid to say ‘hey, that’s enough drinking for a night, it’s time to go home’. A person might not have the strength to stop himself, but a loyal friend will not shy away. Stopping yourself may be self-driven, weighing the pros as well as cons of drinking too much.

Constantly ask yourself if it is worth it to be drinking too much if the hangover, vomiting, and guilt the next day is worth it. If you happen to manage to put that drink down and not order another one, do not forget to reward yourself. Buy the cheeseburger you’ve been eyeing, or save up the money for the drink and treat yourself to a spa day.

The Fear of Binge Drinking

During a night out, make friends with the bartender, tell them that you want to stop, and go ahead to convince them to water down your drink whenever you ask for one. If a binge drinker is afraid of telling their friends, do not force it, have the bartender give you water whenever drinks are brought to the table or when you head on to the counter. Avoid any peers on a night out who put pressure on you to drink more and do not let anyone be the trigger for further drinking. It might be better to go home than to have to sabotage your progress.

Consider abstaining from alcohol throughout the night. Order healthy drinks or do not have a drink at all. Think of it as a detox of your body, as well as your mind. Having family and friends do the cleanse with you makes it a bit more bearable to know that a support system is behind your journey. Go home early after your recommended drinks and put your wellbeing first.