Tourist spots in Memphis

Tourist spots in Memphis

Memphis is a beautiful city in Tennessee that has a lot to offer in terms of tourist spots. At any time of the day, it would not be possible to get bored while in the city.

In case you happen to be a lover of rock and roll, Memphis has the number one historical spot for your favorite genre of music. Take a tour of the home of the legendary king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, which lies in a 14-acre piece of property. Come down with your friends and take a look at where the music master once lived since 1957. Get a glimpse at the famous jungle room and its trophy collection. If you have never seen a Grammy up close, don’t miss the chance to do so at the mansion. It was a great opportunity to see where his music was born, the wedding dress his wife Priscilla wore, as well as the late singer’s flashy suits. Memphis offers the chance to pay your respects at the tomb that was the last resting ground for the singer.

The city gives you a chance

Anyone who enjoys music has an opportunity to come in touch with rare records along Beale Street in Memphis. Beale street accommodates all those who enjoy opera and rock as well as blues. If you have never heard of a rock and roll museum, then head on down to Memphis. It has vast galleries, as well as audio recordings of over 100 famous songs. The museum has been iconic since it was where the ‘father of blues’, William Christopher Handy, composed songs like ‘Memphis blues’ and ‘St. Loise blues’. Get a chance to touch the walls of where great music was produced by visiting Sun Studios down the street from the museum.

The city gives you a chance to see a panda, the zoo there is one of four others that house pandas in the country. They also have black bears, sea lions, polar bears, bald eagles along with other rare animals. The animals are allowed to stay in their naturalistic environment. Their butterfly collection has a wonderful range of colors that are just beautiful to look at. Memphis has such a wide range of art to decide from, the Memphis Brooks Museum of art has 29 galleries with a collection of paintings and collections. They showcase works by Gainsborough and Renoir as well as collections of the Renaissance, as well as Baroque periods. It’s such a great place for art enthusiasts to see their vast collections of galleries in Stax, Children’s, Mississippi River Park, as well as the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic art.

Tourist spots in Memphis

You will find sculptures in Memphis Botanic Gardens, as well as Litcherman Nature Center, they can be great places to hold ceremonies in case you want beautiful scenery. Tickle your taste buds on Tasting Round Town tours that offer food tasting from a variety of dishes created by excellent chefs. Now that is a wonderful way to spend a few hours in Memphis, just filling up on great food.

If you have kids with you and would love to have a fun time, consider going to Mud Island. It is a small island surrounded by the great Mississippi River, which comes in handy especially on hot summer days. Mud Island has a lovely view of the sunset, kids get to enjoy pedal boats, bike trails, and spots to hold picnics. To enjoy a game while in Memphis, head on to FedExForum for a great blend of hospitality as well as entertainment. You will have the chance to have a great variety of food that accommodates the entire family.